An all new champion has been introduced to Hi-Rez’s free-to-play MOBA-shooter, Paladins. Drogoz the Greedy is an anthropomorphic dragon with a lot of fire power. He comes armed with a rocket launcher and quite possibly the most dangerous loogies known to man.

Dragoz’s abilities include:

  • Salvo – pre-loads all rockets into the launcher, releasing them all on the next shot.
  • Expectorate – spit flaming saliva at enemies causing them to take 30% additional damage from your attacks for 4 seconds… or, shoot the loogie, causing a large explosion.
  • Thrust – launch yourself 50 feet up into the air and 20 ft forward. Can be used to break CC.
  • Dragon Punch – An ultimate that delivers a high powered punch dealing 100% of the target’s max health as damage.

You can view the dragon in action in the video above. More details on him are available in the most recent set of patch notes on the Paladins forum.

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  1. If you don’t like Paladin just go pay 60 euros for Overwatch. Free to play is not for everyone. Paladins has actually gotten better and it will further improve, just like Smite improved since it’s inception.

  2. Paladins is such an empty game, it’s NOTHING like Overwatch. They’ll just keep adding the champions from Overwatch; and the only difference are the looks


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