The 42nd set of beta patch notes for Hi-Rez’s free-to-play team shooter hit this week, offering players a close look at the latest Champion to join the game’s ranks. Torvald the “Runic Sage” is a team player, assisting allies with protective health shields. He also possesses the ability to heal himself using a siphon ability on his enemies.

In addition to the new champion — which you can get a full preview of in the patch notes — the new update also adds a variety of cool customizations — including a collection of items that will make you look like a little green army man.

And, as always, there are a variety of tweaks to maps, characters and more as well.

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  1. cacalips on January 30, 2017

    Paladins is great game. Different enough tos eperate itself from OW. Both are arena games… Like every mmorpg is a “wow clone” like every moba is a LOL clone. Get over it. the only down side to paladins, like all these games: Derp players. I hit champion rank, and when in synchronized team, GOOD outcomes. Or even if I lose, you feel like the loss was worth it…. but that is rare, 99% of time you with pure idiots. Better off not playing it.

    • Random guy on January 31, 2017

      Every moba is an Aeon of strife clone, not LOL.

  2. Dreadlox on January 30, 2017

    Wow people complaining about an average game over an average game….For the Blizz fanboys, no OW didn’t did this originally. And Paladins the same. This game element already existed before them. People butthurt about OW is not GOTY or Paladins is accused for copying. Try to enjoy the game instead….

  3. Nub on January 28, 2017

    Symmetra plus zarya with a debuff and pharah like ultimate with a knockback. Well…. bit more creative?

    • Akin on January 28, 2017

      “so its basically symmetra but with some zarya aspects except it had the uniqueness of debuffing but its still a clone because the ultimate is kind of similar to pharah but also has a knockback”. So i’m assuming any champion Paladins releases you’re going to call an Overwatch clone by mixing it with every overwatch champion you can?

      • Kekman on January 28, 2017

        Of course! for overwatch fanboys the game invented everything

        I find amazing how OW fanboys soo afraid of a f2p version that they need to say Paladins copies everything


      • Skufs on January 29, 2017

        Paladins did copy overwatch. Overwatch released before paladins did and paladins been copying almost everything that overwatch has and is free 2 play. It’s just free 2 play BS to undercut blizzard.

        • Memme on January 29, 2017

          No it didn’t release before Paladins you idiot.

          • YoZo on January 30, 2017

            I am sorry to disappoint you but you are wrong. Paladins Closed beta started November 17, 2015. Overwatch closed beta started October 27, 2015. Open beta for Paladins started September 16, 2016 and for Overwatch it was May 5, 2015. Overwatch was fully released on May 24, 2016, while Paladins is still in beta.

        • Skufs on January 29, 2017

          All lies just what a paladin fanboy would say to help a company who doesn’t know how to build games to try to kill blizzard.

        • Skufs on January 29, 2017

          Also what I forgot to mention is they released it free 2 play and copied overwatch asspects just to draw up a huge crowd. Blizzard should sue Hi Rez for copyrighting and trying to steal profits from them.

          • Tsandsoup on February 11, 2017

            Nice trolling kid xD

    • Nub on January 29, 2017

      i love how ppl are pissed off at my comment and jumped to the conclusion that i am a OW fanboy. Silly kids with no money.

      • Shimo on January 29, 2017

        Actually have OW, and I do enjoy the game. But I personally think paladins is better. Mainly because I like the art style and the pace of the game better. People can like one or the other or even both. It’s just personal opinion after all.

      • LOL on January 29, 2017

        Yeah people always wanna accuse you of of thinking your a blizzard entertainment fanboy just for stating an opinion in your comment similar to the comment you posted. I had people do that to me before.