Check Out Palia Gameplay From The Team's Stream Giving Players A First Look At The Game’s World

See how to build your home.

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Palia Gameplay Stream

Today, Singularity Six offered players a first look at their upcoming MMO Palia in action. The devs hosted an hour-or-so livestream where they highlighted some of the features available earlier in the game – beginning with character creation. Game Director and Creative Lead Aidan Karabaich, along with Lead Narraritve Designer Olivia Frias, Lead Producer Maxwell Zierath, and Sr. Director of Production Ambrielle Army answered questions from the host and introduced different features.

Of course, they began with character creation. Players will probably be pleased to know that while there are male and female characters, nothing is gender locked. Players can wear any clothes and choose any hairstyle… and even voice. This means you can create a male character with a female voice, clothes, and hair, or vice versa.

It’s worth noting that if you want to go into the game fresh, you probably don’t want to watch this stream. In addition to character creation, it shows the opening bits explaining the game’s lore. The stream also introduces NPCs, some of who are romance-able.

And, of course players will get a good look at things like exploration, building, inventory.. all the things that are important to a game where building your own home is a primary feature. It also highlights the options players have in how to progress their characters – whether or not to learn to do everything or to master one thing and trade with others in order to achieve their goals.

For the builders among us, the devs offer a really good look at how a player goes about building a dream home. The stream demonstrates how to put additions on a house, expand property, and more.

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