Pantheon: Rise Of The Fallen's Recent "Parting The Veil" Discusses Impact Of Unique Items/Abilities When Exploring

The devs aim to include memorable items/abilities that function in ways to enhance player creativity.

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Pantheon Rise of the Fallen Unique Item Importance

Visionary Realms is back with another Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen stream from their "Parting the Veil" dev series, this time discussing how unique items/abilities will play in further enhancing a player's ability to explore within Terminus.

Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins referenced The Legend of Zelda's Hookshot tool and other objects from highly-regarded titles during the stream that culminates the inspirations for Pantheon's unique items. A key point of their items will be to enhance how players can use them within Terminus, inspiring fans to be more creative with their approach to adventure situations.

One such item is the "Crown of Illumination," said to illuminate unnatural darkness that simple items like torches and lamps could never shine through. There will be illusion/disguise items to fool factions, gliders will be accessible to players inside and outside of cities, and more rare items. As for special abilities, plenty of class skills will be perfect for adventuring the world. For example, Rogues can use ropes to get around and Warriors can break down walls prohibiting progress.

Perkins elaborated that Visionary aims to take the "best aspects of very early first-generation console experiences" for items/abilities "and put it into the open world immersive gambit of an MMO." The devs hope players will be excited about exploring their world with resources allowing them to expand their experiences.

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