A new hero is joining the ranks of Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA, Paragon. Lt. Belicia is a Burst Caster with the power to lock down lanes and slay her enemies. She specializes in zoning enemy heroes and mana control, and will arrive on September 13th.

Belicia features a Void Bomb ability designed to create burst damage in an area after a short delay, restoring her own mana with every enemy hit. She also has Seismic Assault, a line skillshot that deals damage and knocks up enemies and can control an area with Void Drone. Her Ultimate — titled Neural Disruptor — deals damage to the enemy based on their missing mana.

Lt. Belicia will be available to play for free following the next game update.

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  1. Every character in this game is just… so underwhelming. They’re just filling in generic tropes. It would be nice if the Paragon universe had at least a slight hint of personality.

  2. Meh looks like a regular kind of generic female soldier.The rest of the heroes in this game are over the top and she is just meh.
    It would be much better if it was judge Dredd xD now that,that is something.


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