Since this post, Epic Games has responded to player concern over the offered packs. The response was posted on Reddit and reads as follows:

Hey folks,

We hear you and understand why you’re upset. Here’s what’s happening:

1.) A series of mistakes led to packs being sold containing chests with cards. We promised that cards and heroes wouldn’t be sold. We’re sorry for our mistake. The chests will be removed from the packs ASAP. Anyone who has already purchased them will keep them.

2.) We’re already working on a system for purchasing the cards you want with rep, in addition to the random chests already in the game. We expect the system to ship in v43 on the 19th of September. We’ll share details next week.

We’re learning as we go, we’re making mistakes, and we’re sorry for causing this turmoil. Thanks for sticking with us, we really appreciate all of you.

**Original Post**

Epic Games recently added four new packs to the Paragon shop and it might be a bit of an understatement to say that players are pissed. In fact, the Paragon subreddit is filled with threads on the issue — everything from players suggesting that everyone “vote with [their] wallets” and simply not buy the packs, to small dissertations on what exactly makes a game pay-to-win or the pitfalls of RNG. There are even a few threads simply commenting on how this issue has brought the community together.

So what’s the issue? The packs, which range in price from $20 to $150 might seem like a good deal… The biggest pack (Diamond) certainly offers a lot of items. But when you look at those items, it’s primarily chests and keys. In fact, the Diamond pack grants players a total of 30 crates and keys — 20 regular and 10 gold — and 100 chests ranging in quality from Bronze to Diamond. The rest of the pack is 10 skin variations and 40 Mastery Tokens.

Like I said, it’s a lot of stuff. The problem is that you’re getting no guarantee on what you’ll be getting out of these chests. So, in effect you’re spending $20-$150 to get chances to get some cool things.

Interestingly, the subreddit isn’t just filled with posts complaining about the situation. Since Epic has remained quiet on the topic so far, players have taken to offering up alternatives to the packs. One has even pondered whether players would be able to give up free heroes in exchange for all cards and gems being unlocked.

At this point, the players will have to wait and see what — if anything — the developers plan to do to make the situation more acceptable to them. But at least in the meantime the Paragon community is trying to be constructive.

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  1. LUL…

    “Mistake”… sure…

    With how this game is going, might as well go play Paladins.

    The Card system was originally Paladin’s idea anyways… and they made the Card system right with crafting.

  2. LUL…

    “Mistake”… sure…

    With how this game is going, might as well go play Paladins.

    The Card system was originally Paladin’s idea anyways… and they made the Card system right with crafting.

  3. what made people made was instead of them creating a way to obtain cards in the game to provided they instead gave this rng mockery of it to get money and see if people would like or hate it.. LIKE REALLY you had your playerbase all this time waiting a way to craft cards in the game for rep and you pull something like this out its no surprise you got the back lash like you did. That is one of the reasons I don’t like playing this game now the publisher’s are just no different than anything cash grabbing artist out there.

  4. doesnt league of legends have that system too? with the chests and keys with random shit in it?
    anyway, the game is a joke now( not bcause of the lootcrates) and the final thing that made me uninstall this was the damn launcher, it slows down my whole PC and my whole internet speed for 99% and it doesnt even use my full internet speed. the download speed of evry new patch evry week is like 1mb/s at max and it slows down my pc and internet to the extreme while doing that.
    While evry other game of mine has a download speed of avarage 12mb/s and it doesnt affect my pc or internet speed AT ALL!

    I was a founder btw, i was patient with it for a very long time. it always had problems and i always waited for those to be fixed but they need sooo long to “fix” things, BUT they dont even really fix it, the just make a diffrent problem out of it.

    Its a shame, ive seen alot of potential in this one and i have to say bye to my most favourite moba character, Gideon. Simplest hero, yet so fun and cool looking.

    The new dawn update was the new DOWN of the game. I hope the game will become better, but even if it will it will take them a very long time. hope to play a better version of this some day.

    • Yeah the launcher was always causing me problems by constantly soaking up RAM. I’d open Task Manager and see the damn thing had allocated 1.5-2 GB after few hours or so. Thankfully you can close it out once the game itself is running…unless they’ve recently screwed that up too.

  5. I honestly do not get what the problem is. Yeah, the packs offer RNG rewards but so what – nobody is forcing anybody to get them? The main problem with the game currently is not with those packs but with the inability to craft specific cards, although I am a casual player and still have all but one cards unlocked.

  6. How does this game keep getting worse and worse? Every 8-10 months they practically redesign the whole game, and now they’ve cranked RNG up to stupid levels. Pretty soon I expect to see a loot crate with a chance of getting a token to actually be able to queue up for a match! Oh and the token is not refunded if someone dodges the queue.

  7. Coming from an alpha player, I have to say I am sincerely disappointed in whoever has made the decisions to monetize this game. I have so many hours logged and I just stopped playing after the New Dawn update. I just don’t see how this game can want to be a competitive esport game yet they have crucial card hidden behind pay walls. Every other successful moba makes money from aesthetics, this being the most graphically challenging game, you would figure they could make a bunch of money considering the amount of detail they can put in their skins.

    TL;DR Paragon wants to be an esport yet puts in game items behind a pay wall making it pay to win.


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