Epic Games has launched its second new Hero into the world of Paragon…however the Hero actually comes as a tandem duo in the free-to-play MOBA. Iggy rides atop his faithful companion Scorch and the two put a lot of pressure on lanes through combining their fire and oil attacks. Have Scorch throw down some oil while Iggy drops a trusty molotov cocktail and you have some serious lane control damage over time abilities.

Iggy & Scorch are available for everyone to play for free now so check out the highlight video below and get started.

The latest update also includes a very much needed movement speed increase that will hopefully speed up the nature of gameplay.

Movement Speed changes in .24 are focused on reducing the speed penalties that were previously applied during combat and while strafing to allow for an increase in overall pace of gameplay. Additionally, we’ve increased the base movement speed 12.5% across the board for all Heroes.

Be sure to check out the patch notes before your next match so you’re up to speed on the new Deck Builder changes as well.

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