If I were to choose one thing you need to know about Sherwood Extreme based on the trailer, it would be that there are chicken jetpacks. That’s not to say jetpacks made for chickens, but jetpacks of which chickens are a functioning component. There are also lava boar mounts.

Admittedly, that’s probably not everything you need to know about the game. You might also like to know that it’s a low-poly single-player parkour shooter game with co-op, a leader board, and a survival mode. It might also be important for you to know that the game will be entering early access on Steam in just a little over a week — May 12 to be exact. Although, the game is available to wishlist now, and it seem like developer CAGE Studios might make it worth your time — offering players a chance at exclusive demos.

My obsession with chicken-powered flight devices aside, it’s probably worth noting that the game’s developer currently has one other game on Steam “Sail and Sacrifice”. It’s a B2P offering released in 2019 and what few reviews it has garnered in that time are not all that great. That said, they are an indie dev. The game appears to have been their first offering and perhaps Sherwood Extreme will benefit from what they learned the first time around.

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