Path of Exile, the free to play ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, has officially kicked off the closed beta for its upcoming patch, The Awakening. You can still sign up for the closed beta on the game’s website and if you’re really bored you can watch the timer on the home page that gives away closed beta access every 5 minutes.

So you may be asking yourself, “Why are they holding a closed beta just for a new patch?” Fair question. Not only is The Awakening adding a ton of new story content, skills, items, and all of the other usual fare one would expect to find in a game patch, but some of the main gameplay mechanics are receiving an overhaul from the very beginning levels.

User Interface updates, a fully re-balanced game, and even a new jewel system to supplement your passive skill tree are all examples of such large scale changes being made that warrant some beta love before being implemented in full.

Take a peek through the game’s forums for even more information on the massive amount of changes coming and why a lot of them are welcome additions for players.

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  1. So, since the initial post more has surfaced about divination cards…it seems to be a way to farm specific unique gear.

  2. POE has been the best F2P Game, 100% F2P unlike most Games of today which are heavily cash shop based and favor Cash shoppers. Now that they announced New Act + More Customization + No Desync (Chars don’t re-position themselves while moving sometimes), POE becomes the best Game of it’s Genre, Surpassing even Diablo III !!!

    Everyone should give Path of Exile a try, It also has a great Community !

  3. I don’t really have a comment other than I love this friggin game to death.

    I have a lot of harsh comments about other F2Ps, but this one… this one… this is like the end all be all of ARPGs, the perfect ARPG that will never be outdone. And to top it all off, it’s not pay2win AT ALL.

  4. The bigest change is not mentioned….DESYNC, they will be adding a detramistic lockstep mode(what they use in moba’s) which will run alongside the current mode of sync…dev testing so far says it elimintates desync.

    They are adding some new servers though there isn’t a list yet they have mentioned having america split into 2 servers, adding a london server…there will be a server for brazil and probably some more.

    Going by some of the comments so far lower end PC’s will see a boost to performance as well

    They are adding a loot filter which allows you to show/hide items based on rarity, item level, links, sockets and base type…even the individual weapon/armour….you can change the text colour, text size, add borders and alter the sounds.

    The jewel system has the potential to be game breaking if it’s not done right, infact the passive tree has already been altered at least once since the videos shown last week.

    Some changes to keystones and the mechanics for them need tested properly

    Something that popped up today was divination cards, but other than it’s name we have no idea what they’ll be used for.

    And more to come

    • Hi Lagwin!
      I left out Desync simply because for non players it isn’t the easiest thing to describe briefly nor describe why it is an important change 🙂 Thanks for adding it in your comments!

      • Well his just making the news easy and clean if you want to detail like you did now its fine you just have to go to the game site to see it in every game you want.

    • Thanks for mentioning this, I clicked this link specifically to see if this patch is intended to fix the desync. Loved this game but couldn’t stand dying due to desync, since I like to play hardcore characters.


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