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As part of efforts to improve trade in Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games has removed the need for players to use third-party tools to index their items while adding support for third-party indexing sites to find out if users are online.

Noting that the use of third party tools to create posts of stash tabs in the PoE trade forums isn’t exactly user-friendly, the developers have instituted Public Stash Tabs. Any premium stash tab can now be set to public, making them available in a special API usable by third-party indexing sites.

Grinding Gear Games has also created a new API to allow third-party sites to gain access to the indexing information with less complications. It’s expected that the sites will be updating to this API soon.

Information on how to make use of the Public Stash Tabs and the new API is available on the Path of Exile forums.

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  1. You still need the third part tools as far as i can tell, all the update dose is remove some of the steps required if you do normally through the tools.

    There are cries of pay to win because it requires a premium tab, there is noting stopping you from doing what you are doing now…there is no real advantage.

    We’ll need to see the rest of the future trade updates to see where it ends up, but GGG have always maintained that trade will never be a click and receive process, they want player interaction.

    Also, if anyone is hoping to jump into the game for the patch…make sure your windows is fully updated.


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