There hasn’t been a ton of free-to-play news coming out of PAX East so far this year, but Digital Extremes changed that a bit when they took to the panel to discuss upcoming new game modes, new frame ideas, and upcoming content for all the Tenno out there in Warframe. While the above video is a bit lengthy, the details are a bit exciting for Warframe players on PC, PS4, or XBox One.

First, a new frame is on its way, but not for a while. The concept is a “Fairy” frame surrounded by (and embedded with) razor butterflies. Vauban Prime also got a full length trailer to tease that bit of news. But perhaps the biggest news was the upcoming new competitive game mode, Lunaro.

In Lunaro, well….we don’t know much. The competitive game mode is modeled after a sport and encourages competition without requiring players to spill the blood of other Tenno.

If you’re looking for the highlights, check out the video below.