Peter Molyneux And 22cans Joins The Blockchain NFT Bandwagon With Business Sim “Legacy”

Land sales just started and they’re almost sold out.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Legacy Blockchain Business Sim

If you’ve been wondering where Peter Molyneux has popped off to and what he’s been doing lately, we now know. The former Fable developer and current 22cans founder and creative director has entered the blockchain space with a business sim titled "Legacy." The focus of this game is to build the ultimate business, designing everything from the products sold to the buildings they’re manufactured and sold in. Players must start by purchasing land NFTs – of varying types. It’s on this land that their empire will be built.

There are six land types available for purchase, ranging from a startup deed to the “Heart of London” deed. Prices and availability of each type vary greatly and, out of the six types, three have already sold out. It seems as though the others will be shortly sold out as well. Players purchase the land using one of three types of cryptocurrency. Interestingly, none of these are the type used in-game; the Legacy Coin. That said, one of the choices is Ethereum and Legacy is reportedly Ethereum-based.

Once land is purchased, the player may begin building their empire, designing and selling whatever they want. They can also compete and trade with other players and develop partnerships. Although, from the description, it feels less like a partnership than the sales schemes where you sell something for a company and then rope people in to selling the same stuff while making money off their work and the work of those who come in under them. (Hmm…I'm sure there’s a term for that.) Effectively, landowners can give Legacy Keys to people which gives them a way into the game while the landowner earns a piece of the key holder’s coin.

As noted, there is (as of this writing, anyway) still land available so if this sounds like a thing you want in on, you can read more about it on the Legacy game site.

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Flintstone 1 year ago
Well i did have admiration for him but not on this, this is like th elowest you could go in game development, squeezing your players dry, aweful man stick your own trading shit. and don't lead others into gambling VIA your game. you dochebags. no scruples in this world is there. sad.

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