Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 6 Is Live…So Is Christmas, And An ARKS Hour Giveaway


Alright, Phantasy Star Online 2 fans, Episode 6 has finally arrived bringing with it the Tails Collaboration Pack and the Christmas event — as well as all that other content you’ve been waiting on so patiently. As outlined before, Episode 6 continues the game’s story following the appearance of the Goddess of Annihilation, Shiva, and the Final Armada out to destroy the universe. The fight to stop them will come to a head in the new “Armada of Annihilation: Interception” Urgent Quest.

The update also introduces two new Scion classes, Phantom and Etoile, both with the ability to modify their weapons on the fly using a Weapon Action. There are also new 15 star weapons, two new Summoner pets, new enemy types, and more.

Oh, yes, and there’s Christmas. The Christmas event kicks off right alongside the Episode 6 update and includes special festivities, decorations, quests, and more. Quna is putting on performances of a holiday-themed Eternal Encore. A “Christmas on Ice” Urgent Quest is now available, in which players must protect the holiday venue in Naverius from Felspawn. Of course, there’s a new Bingo card as well.

Since the update is out today, and Christmas isn’t far off, Sega went ahead and did another ARKS Hour stream yesterday. The stream offers players a look at the new content, including the two new classes in action. Of course, there’s also a new giveaway code, “RAPPYHOLIDAYS“. This is another keyword giveaway, so you’ll need to type the code into the in-game chat in all caps and then visit the visaphone to get your items.

If you want to watch the ARKS Hour stream, it’s available below.


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