Sony Online Entertainment has released a new gameplay trailer for PlanetSide 2, the highly-anticipated free-to-play massive multiplayer FPS. What part will you play in the war?

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  1. HEY EVERYONE!!! GO TO PLANETSIDE EUROPE Facebook page!!! they are throwing Priority keys for the 2nd wave every hours!!!

    I just got mine!!!! TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!!

  2. I hope the stealthier players will have a chance in this style of game. If so, then I will infiltrate bases while trundle-touching people.

  3. …a 1000 soldiers can start a revolution???”

    bwaaahahahahahahaha never had such a good laugh for years, made my day! good one sony

  4. I am in the beta and its awesome but there are some major bugs that they need to fix before they will open it up for the public.

  5. Game looks good, but sony sell Europe for some unknown German company. So screw it its matter of principal not gona play it, ever. ( Sorry for whining, couldn’t resist ).

  6. Can someone tell me, will this be pure pvp? i mean its open world right?= if its pure pvp (no pve) how will it work? like u go out there and get killed by another player while u try to kill him?

      • Ive never played bf3 but i think its lobby based, right? i mean its not full loby based but it has a lobby that looks for the games that u can join and stuff, how is that open world?

        I may be wrong, going to look at bf3 gameplays, ive never seen one D:

        • It does not have a lobby, its a hex-grid based zones with areas to fight in. It is purely open world with the main goal being to control zones that give resources. The battlefields are consistent and dynamic. When you log off, the battle does not end. You could wake up and find that the battle is still going, or it moved to a different zone.

    • well there are 3 factions the TR,NC and the VS. The pvp consists of map control there is a hex system that when your faction owns a base or outpost you own that part of the map and any minerals or materials that go along with that part of the map. Your goal is to obtain and control the map vs the other two factions its really quite fun and i have yet to play any other game like it. Planetside 2 is vary team based game and it is also vary objective.

      • Oh then its nothing like bf3 (well maybe with the shooting thing) but its more like battlestar galactica (im srry for the comparison i dont play much of those games) where u can go around ur teritory and if u go out u get killed. 😀 man that sounds nice.

        • yeah but it also has vehicles such as tanks or airplane-style vehicles that you can control …so it is kinda like bf3…id say its pretty much a mix up of capture the flag games in a veeeery big map with a heeelll lots of players in it 😛


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