This past Saturday, PlanetSide 2 players rallied around an attempt to beat an almost three year old record. Organized by PlanetSideBattles and sponsored by Sony Online Entertainment, the event pulled together 1,158 players to take part in a single FPS battle.

“This amazing achievement shows not only how truly massive the PlanetSide 2 universe is, but also how inclusive its online community is,” said Annie Nguyen, Video Games Records Manager at Guinness World Records. “This title truly embodies the international, record-breaking spirit of Guinness World Records.”

The previous record of 999 players in a single online FPS battle was held by Man vs Machine, a browser based game by Swedish developers, MuchDifferent. That record was set back in April of 2012.

Here’s some other stats from the record breaking event:


Let us know if you took part in this World Record battle!

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  1. Awesome achievement but I can’t help but note there really isn’t much competition on this record. It could be set even higher with PS2 once it starts catching on more with ps4 and possibly xbox one. The console releases on this will make it much bigger. Shared console/pc servers on ffxiv are what make it as huge as it has become after the initial flop on release day. Now we just need some decent handheld mmos. Anyone for World of Tanks on the 3ds?

  2. Epic 2-5 FPS rate for AMD users is awesome. With a big pleasure deleted this sh1tty game. It was awesome on CBT or early OBT, but not now.

  3. I played PS2 a lot during this weekend, but on the PS4. I forgot how fun it can be to drive around running people over, or driving over a small cliff and landing your Sunderer on top of 4 enemies.

  4. game’s really suck! 500 people are shooting walls at respawn, 40000 runnin like bots nothing but chaos! its not game… if u want f2p shooter and have fun play dirty bomb and overwatch, and if u want massive multiplayer shooter – buy battlefield 4 – god of fps!

    • So because some people decide to cheat, that determines if the game is total trash or not.

      When was the last time you played it, because SOE managed to get rid of so many cheaters. Planet side games have set a huge marker for other MMOFPS games to try and achieve.
      I dont play planetside2 any more but I look forward to other game developers taking on this planet side scale FPS mechanics in the future.

      Why do a lot of people always focus on such negative things, do your common sense a favour and stop talking crap.

      • why do you have to use a racist screen name ? you clearly are an imbecile. if i put some random black guy, chinese guy in my screen name, do you know how many flags that would raise ? think about you post next time , you self righteous bastard.

        • How is his name racist? Are the names of countries racist now? Am I racist for calling myself a German?

          Think about the definition of racism before accusing people of being racist. Your the real self righteous imbecile.

          P.S. saying black, Chinese or Japanese is NOT racism. Saying jap, chink or the N word IS racism.

        • Ever thought that the guy might be a random scottish guy?
          And the definition of racism is descrimination towards a race,not a country.

      • Thats what i w too. I have played PS2 for a week i think,15-16hours i have, but i didnt like the game that much so i stayed focusing on BF3 and dota2. But idea of that FPS gameplay i love so much. Imagine battlefield or arma games like that,with 1000 people in one server,world. We need more games like this and you can all consider PS2 starter of new generation fps games.


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