PlanetSide 2 Combined Arms

While cruising around in a tank or a fighter jet in PlanetSide 2 can be fun, it can also be annoying when your newly minted death machine takes a few rockets to the face blows up before you can even get out the door. The developers on PlanetSide 2 feel your pain, and they’re taking steps to make vehicles more attractive to all players.

The recently announced “Combined Arms Initiative” has the stated goal of making “the way in which vehicles, infantry, and territory interact with one another … a fun and engaging experience for all parties.” Most of the steps outlined in the blog post deal with improving vehicles, however. Daybreak wants them to have “a stake in territory capture,” as well as improving rewards for transportation and more meaningful interactions with infantry. Overall, the goal is to make vehicles “more fun to use,” which also includes removing “common frustrations with handling,” like how a Flash flips over when it hits a pebble.

Change is promised “in the coming months,” so this is more of a set of long-term objectives for 2017 than any notes about an upcoming update. Four years in, it’s about time PlanetSide 2’s vehicles got a much-needed tune-up.

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  1. It is so difficult to be a tank or jet right off the bat in this game due to the massive upgrade advantages veteran players have. You may put 50 bullets in their jet or 10 shots in their tank for them to only put about 8 bullets or 3 shots.
    Other than that the game is extremely fun. You just have to upgrade a lot to be more competitive. Not that its impossible tho..

  2. yes i agree i played a lot planet side 2 they really need to change the vehicles features and add new vehicles as well mechs for this game will be perfect for this situation ”ground vehicle vs air vehicle” or put vehicles with anti-air vehicles weapons too,planet side 1 had mechs dont know why they dont put in planetside 2.


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