The fourth Early Access update to Daybreak’s Planetside Arena drops today, with the intention of improving several problems in the game, including crashes and client stability. However, those are not the most notable changes being made this go-round. Instead, what players still exist in the game may be happy to know that changes are being made to matchmaking in order to more evenly distribute players among teams, balancing them and hopefully speeding up the process.

The new system will use a round-robin approach that will assure each team has as equal an amount of players as possible given the number of players in a match. Considering the number of players currently bothering to log into the game at any given time, this seems like the best possible move, since it seems unlikely there will be 300 people available for a single match any time soon.

Of course, the update also makes other changes, adding credit rewards and Nanite accrual for more in-game actions and adds a notification for players if they become Squad Leader. That last thing seems like something people would want to know about.

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  1. Good to see today that Daybreak are starting to talk about PlanetSide 3 becoming a thing.
    Also arena is being used as a stepping stone toward PS3, will definitely check out PS3 when it launched.


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