first assault

If you’ve wanted to try out First Assault while it’s still in Early Access but haven’t wanted to pay for said Early Access, now’s your chance. Nexon is hosting a Steam Free Weekend promotion for the game starting today.

During the promotion, players will be given immediate access to the game as well as a free M4A1 weapon skin — usable during the duration of the event, which ends on Sunday at 1 PST. Following the promotion, Nexon will be offering the Specialist Early Access Pack at 50% off for a limited time. Players will be able to pick it up for $7.49 and gain immediate access to the game — as well as one bonus operative unlock, three exclusive weapon skins, and a total of 200,000 GP.

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  1. Not installing this on my steam for personal reasons. I’ll probably try this game out when it comes out of closed beta but I rather download the Nexon game launcher instead. Hopefully Nexon didn’t mess up this game like I heard about them messing up their other games like maple story.

  2. “Oops, sorry!
    An error was encountered while processing your request:
    This item is currently unavailable in your region”

    Had to check. >_> Sigh

  3. Why is community on this site so toxic? Can’t they say anything nice about game for at least once? Of course, the game isn’t AAA game and it’s kinda generic, but it’s not bad for being F2P. Of course, Overwatch is still better, but that’s for another topic

    • This is why most Game news are completely fill with negative Comment on Forum. The Forum are useless nowadays so people can come out the Trash Can say whatever they want on the Forum also there use the excuse Freedom of Speech to make them fill Smart.

    • Ok, let’s be real, the game is really mediocre and definitely not a triple A title, which is pretty obvious. The game has other problems that aren’t resolved after months of being pointed and discussed ( probably ). Constant lag, stutter, mouse acceleration that pretty much ruins the experience, mediocre gunplay and almost boring maps. The skills and the classes are a nice touch, weapon customization ( as much as there’s one doesn’t give any real depth to the gameplay – things stay pretty much the same ). The game modes aren’t anything special and combined with all the problems ( according to me and some other people probably ) manages to ruin the overall experience and put down all the expectations people had for this game. It’s pretty much Blacklight Retribution, without the cyberpunk feel and GITS characters – put in an uninspired generic korean shooter that smell of a cash-grab and I’m pretty sure they’re glad they’re still milking the early-access beta and their costumers. Sure, the game is decent one – for a f2p title, sadly all the problems are capable to push players away from it. And not a single bad word there.

      • I’ve been playing this game since October 2015 and I don’t have a single problem from the ones that you described, except for some stuttering here and there my in-game time amounts to 212 hours. Check the picture if you don’t trust me:
        There is going to be a PvE/Co-Op mode for the game and the devs are working hard to make it the best Ghost in the Shell first person shooter it can possibly be. I hope you realize that for a free-to-play game this is a game of amazing quality. Considering the fact that only weapon and characters skins will cost real money, this is a game with huge potential. I’ve played BLR for a year and the games, have very little in common, plus BLR has been going downhill for the last two years or so. Where retarded players, who can’t tell their right hand from their left are complaining that some maps are too complex for them and they get lost, like Offshore – the coolest map in the game got removed because of idiots like those.

    • That’s because the Western gaming community are mostly self-entitled assholes. They take everything for granted and think they deserve all kinds of benefits for not even lifting a finger. If you go to a MMORPG news website from any country in South America or Asia, or Africa, and use Google Translate to read the comments below articles, you will realize what kind of huge pieces of shits we Western gamers are. Always discontent, always disappointed, always bored, waiting for the perfect game where it has graphics technology brought to the past from the year 2038 and the perfect game play, not a single glitch, no cheaters, basically they want someone to read their atrophied minds and make a game based on their shitty ideas of what is fun and interesting.

    • Only thing “toxic” here are things like you. this game and 99.9% of other games here are pay to win scam. So shut your mouth kid.

      • If you had even played it, you’d know that there is nothing pay-to-win, at least at this point. When you are too much of a sheep to even have your own opinion, that’s what happens – you repeat other people’s words, eventually becoming just like everyone else and losing your identity. 😀 FAIL

  4. Had beta key, had to reinstall the game, log in, no key on my side. … nice job, Nexon… filthy hacks. Don’t really miss it, tho but still.

    • You clearly miss it if you took the time to write this, contact support and they will determine if you are eligible to play or not. 😀


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