You know how you’ve threatened come back from the dead and haunt people who really annoy you? No? Just me then? Anyway, now you can get out those malicious haunty feelings without having to do the whole death thing. Ethereal Estate, a first-person, single player (or co-op) game from Emergence Studio, allows you to play as the titular Ethereal Estate Agent who has only one real goal: Haunt the heck out of this house.

As the ghost (otherwise known as Lulu), it’s your job to not only terrorize the inhabitants of Vioto’s manor, but tear the place up. Chase people with axes, set things on fire, throw furniture around…just be the worst little ghost you can possibly be. Oh, and while you’re there, uncover some hidden family secrets if you’ve got the time.

But, you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to. Ethereal Estate has both local co-op and Remote Play Together.

Ethereal Estate is available for free via Steam.

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