The Skies, a post-apocalyptic FPSMMORPG being developed by indie developer Eforb Gamebox, will soon be available to check out as an Early Alpha. The developer announced the Alpha date on Facebook earlier today.

The game is designed to get players a bit more involved in the role play process, preventing them from being able to choose some options if their stats aren’t up to par. There is a multi-level economic system that’s dependent upon player actions — allowing them to do everything from craft their own gear to managing businesses and running factories.

As a whole, it looks rather ambitious. You can check out the game yourself — and find out how to participate in the Early Alpha — on The Skies’ Steam Greenlight page.

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    • it’s Early alpha what do you expect? Triple A gfx right off bat lmao. I have never seen a Early alpha game with high end gfx. You must be a spoiled little 15 year old that knows nothing about Early alpha or even alpha games. GFX is one of the least things they need to worry about at that stage of development, first you need good game play before you want good graphics also bugs, glitches and game mechanic fixing is priority in alpha stage. Else why bother at all?. The problem this video presents to me is a defiance with fallen earth look knock off. With that said i could name a few 1994 games that’s better than the sh!t we see today in the gaming world. You obviously wasn’t born in 90s if so was so late in you wasn’t old enough to play 90s games, because you can’t say the same. Personally i careless about this game it will just be another pay to win in the end and will fall flat on it’s azz before it gets out of open beta. Reason that is they will always put money first before the community that the game will generate eventually. To top it all off, it’s an indie developer, wont be out of closed beta for another 3=4 years lol. This game is a money grab it will steal as much money as it can from curious gamers and fools and then sink never to be heard of again. I’ve seen it happen to alot of games since 2004 (when I started becoming a alpha/beta tester for online games). Personally and honestly with my knowledge of this genre of games, post apocalyptic MMORPGs be very very wary, because I can’t name but 1 or 2 that ever succeeded and none of them was developed by an indie developer.
      I’d say there is a 90% chance this game will soak up as much money as it can and then die in the middle of open beta, maybe more extreme and in middle of closed beta.
      Something with this genre of game that brings bad luck to devs im not sure if it’s how they execute it or manage it but they have all fell flat except for like i said before 1 or 2.


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