“Post-apocalyptic,” “turn-based,” “strategy,” and “tactical.” Those are all descriptors for Insidia, the new game from Italy’s Bad Seed that’s live on Steam in open beta today.

Insidia features a colorful cast of characters, each sporting a unique blend of abilities: passive, active, and ultimate. The 1v1 battles pit your team of misfits and rogues against your opponent’s, with the goal of attacking and sabotaging the enemy’s base. Players plot out their turns in advance, and then watch as their champions execute their orders — and their enemies, if things go well.

Six champions are included in the open beta, with another six planned by the time of full launch. As with any strategic PvP title coming out these days, an esports scene is also in the works, with Bad Seed striving to become the first indie game on FACEIT’s eSports platform.

You can try Insidia for free now on Steam, or take a shot with the $17.99 Founder’s Pack.