Pre-Register Now For The Creature-Capturing Open-World Sandbox Game Chimeraland

Players who pre-register will receive special items to help them get started.

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Chimeraland Pre-Registration

Soon, fans of sandbox games with a love for creature hunting games will get the best of both worlds with the launch of Level Infinite’s Chimeraland. A game inspired by creatures of legend, Chimeraland is filled with a myriad of beasts that players can capture and use as mounts. The interesting part isn’t just the taming of mounts mechanic, but that players can have their Chimera mounts “devour” another for a chance to graft something from the consumed Chimera onto the tamed one.

That same level of customization is also available for the player characters, allowing them a wider range of creation than in other games. And, keeping in trend with all that customization, the game also allows players to make changes to the world, building structures and homes.

Pre-registration for Chimeraland is now open for players on mobile devices and Steam. Those who take advantage of this will not only be able to take part in the head start, but also receive useful items. Even more, the developer is offering additional items based on the number of players who pre-register. As signups reach milestones ranging from one to ten million, new items will be unlocked. Those interested can sign up via the game’s official site.

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