Prepare To Be Tormented By A Doll, Chucky Has Arrived In Dead By Daylight

Welcome the first Killer with a third person camera.

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Dead By Daylight Chucky Launch

Today’s the day Dead by Daylight players who are also fans of Child’s Play finally get what they want – Chucky as a playable Killer. The menacing doll dropped in the game’s latest update, bringing with it a gameplay feature not seen in other Killers, implemented because of his height. Chucky is the first Killer with a third-person camera.

Chucky has been designed so that his height isn’t a hindrance. Players who elect to play as the doll can easily get around the map. He also has ways to confuse and distract other players, such as the Hidey-Ho Mode. This mode creates an effect that confuses Survivors and makes him more difficult to locate. While in this mode he can either Scamper to maneuver through windows or under pallets. Or, he can use Slice & Dice to rush Survivors, attacking with his knife.

Choosing to play Chucky grants players three perks. The first, Hex: Two Can Play, is basically an Uno Reverse card, blinding any Survivor that attempts to Stun or Blind Chucky. The second, Friends, ‘Til the End, briefly exposes the aura of the Survivor that is the Obsession when Chucky hooks one who is not. Finally, Batteries Included grants Chucky a moment speed boost whenever he is in range of a complete generator.

For those willing to spend some money, Chucky arrives with the Friends ‘Til The End Collection. This features the (very rare) Back from the Dead Chucky outfit, and the (legendary) Good Gal outfit – just in case you’d rather be the Bride of Chucky.

The update is now available on Steam, PlayStations 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X|S, the Nintendo Switch, the Epic Games Store, and the Windows Store.

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