It’s payday (or maybe Payday) in Warface, as a new season gets underway in My.Games’ shooter. Titled “Heist,” the season’s top new content is a co-op PvE mission that tasks a pair of players with robbing Blackwood’s vault. The dynamic duo will need to rappel their way into the bank building and then overtake three vaults using laser drills while dealing with both police and special forces deployed to stop them.

Rewards for pulling off the heist include six weapons with gold inlays as part of the “Big Score” set. There’s also a new sniper rifle, M4 Marksman Custom, which offers increased damage and better rate of fire offset, and the “Shapeshifter” gear set, four different sets of animal-themed helmets and vests meant to mask a bank robber’s identity. Unique marks, badges, and stripes for pulling off the job are also available.

PvP fans can also get in on the high-rise, high-profit action; the Blitz mode includes a new map based on the heist and taking place across two levels of a skyscraper bank building.

The Heist season is now available on PC and will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at a later date. Learn more about the update on the Warface site.

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