QuakeCon Will, Once Again, Be A Digital-Only Event

But the future looks bright for an in-person festival in 2023

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QuakeCon 2022

Last year Bethesda and id Software made the difficult decision to transform QuakeCon into an online digital event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. QuakeCon is a yearly convention that celebrates and promotes the major franchises of id software. Sadly, this year’s QuakeCon will also be a digital-only event from August 18 until the 20.

In a post on QuakeCon’s Twitter they mentioned their own disappointment in once again having a digital event. Due to the large scale of the event, decisions had to be made months prior and, for that reason, the decision was made early on when so much uncertainty hung in the air to commit to a successful in-person QuakeCon.

The post goes on to say that: “The QuakeCon team is already working hard to put together exciting new streaming programming, online meetups, giveaways, charity opportunities, the virtual BYOC, and more, and we will announce more details in June.”

Fan’s can look forward to the return of a full in-person festival in 2023, as the team is already looking forward to reconnecting with friends, holding contests and having a ton of great new games and hardware for attendees to try out and enjoy.

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