Webzen announced that MMORPG R2 Online opens its promotion page for the first user test today. Webzen is looking for the testers of R2 Online, and all user who want participate in the test will be able to get R2 Online Beta keys starting June 20th at MMOBomb.com. The first user test using the Beta-keys will be held from June 23rd to 30th.

In addition to the first user test, Webzen plans to hold user tests a couple of times starting with North America, and it will expand to European countries, South American countries.

R2 Online is one of the most popular MMORPG in many countries, which has been in service in Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Russia for over 4 years.

R2 Online features not only various battle system such as PvP in open fields, GvG and Castle Siege but also great action animation. Moreover, four different types of characters in R2 Online will be available for users: ‘Warrior’ for closed-range combat, ‘Ranger’ for in long-range firepower, ‘Elf’ for magic and ‘Assassin’. Furthermore, these characters can also be transformed into other 100 different characters.

In a unique item system of R2 Online, all items can be used by users with no limit to level and ability and this unique system make PvP much more exciting in R2 Online.

Meanwhile, Webzen will be holding, ’TransformeR2’, UGC event about transform in celebration of First User Test which is a main content in R2 ‘Online. The first video WEBZEN produced is released on the promotion page, and 3 winners of all participants producing UGC about Transform will be awarded prizes worth $1,000 US dollar.

More details on The First User Test for R2 Online and ‘TransformeR2’ UGC event can be found at http://r2online.webzen.com


  1. Looks like a very Generic korean grind re-released in America.. but wait a unique PvP system, but free MMOS cannot be balanced w/ a cash shop tbh

  2. So like the beta promotion for a key isn’t here yet?
    Just making sure cause my testing line ups are gonna be:
    Rusty Hearts
    Bounty Hounds

  3. This game looks awesome , I can’t wait untill I get my key.
    The publishers of new mmo’s are really doing ther best to deliver us quallity-full games. Great job to all who is supporting that this can may come true!!


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