RaiderZ Closed Beta Date and Beta Keys

MMOBomb Staff
By MMOBomb Staff, July 13, 2012

Perfect World Entertainment announced that the Closed Beta for its free to play action MMORPG, RaiderZ, is scheduled to launch on August 8, 2012. Players who register for the RaiderZ Closed Beta will also have a chance to win an all-inclusive trip for two to PAX Prime.

And because we love you guys we have lots of RaiderZ closed beta keys to offer, so register now at MMOBomb and follow us on Facebook to find out exactly when the keys get posted! The wait is almost over so stay tuned!

In RaiderZ, players must hunt together or die alone as they pursue the most dangerous creatures in the land of Rendel. For more information about RaiderZ visit the official website at

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Discussion (113)

Miky23ro 9 years ago
Please can i have a Raiderz key !!!

Saeros 10 years ago
This game is going to be my religion.

ike489 10 years ago
i got other beta keys for my friends i give one to my friend if you want to play the beta here the other one MHZ84-K5K-59EE hope i see you there

ike489 10 years ago
i got a beta key too from raptr cant wait to play :D

unbekn0wn 10 years ago
Hope i get one :D

darkenvoy11 10 years ago
Can i have a beta key ?

Chriss 10 years ago

SoFvip 10 years ago
if someone can spare me key i'll be glad

sense13 10 years ago
I already got my key.

guy 10 years ago
i allready got one

AuomAk 10 years ago
So how do we know if we get a key? Do they just email us the key or what?

Dreadbcool11 10 years ago
Heck yeah. I got 4 beta keys. Now I can play the game that will change the mmorpg world forever. No other mmo will beat this one for at least 1 or 2 years.

xarislazlo 10 years ago
a beta key plzzzzzzz
i had a alpha key but i forget to play

DragoonisMystic 10 years ago
Ok just hoping for a key now see al above wants the same. LOL ,but if not I'll wait for the open beta or another beta . Good Luck to all.

Vanja007 10 years ago
ONE BETAkey for me ? :D

sakew 10 years ago
How can i get a betakey?:( pls?

RaJus 10 years ago
I love to test this, no target system game... the best system in the world :)

verloren 10 years ago
i have the key ^^

folord 10 years ago
how go i get a beta key?

Est3tic 10 years ago
Trading Smite beta key for RaiderZ beta key
got 4 smite keys
email me on

lostny76 10 years ago
W00t can't wait

Echoman 10 years ago
If anyone need keys go to RaiderZ facebook page from there couple sites are giving beta codes, but hurry.

Corrente 10 years ago
Need a key bro!

Stivica96 10 years ago
Omg this game looks so freaking awesome....i srsly hope i get a key coz i cant wait for open beta to try it out XD!!!

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SoulGamer 10 years ago
unleash the beast that is the keys this game is a beast

Snoepss 10 years ago
Why al the stress and asking for keys xD. i can't find anything in the text, if u beg for a key u will get it :p, so just wait en relax we will see when the keys come lol :P

Tech1Crux 10 years ago
Glad I had a key back for me access to all Alpha/beta well as some free things come launch =)

BUT to those talking this game up a little too much. It WILL NOT change the mmo world, GW2 will do that, and it is NOT the top Action MMORPG, TERA is. But i will say for a F2P Action MMORPG it is a fairly nice game.

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rArcangel 10 years ago
YEAH!!!! a ot of frustation is going to into that game...

ioulios 10 years ago
and why u say this is not a pay to win like everything else out there?Can u convience me that this is really a skill game?

Reepy 10 years ago
i love mmomb =)

Zanak 10 years ago
.-. Lucent Heart Giveaways... We needs Raiderz keyyy xD

RaiderZ lover :D 10 years ago
I want a key soooo bad

NANO 10 years ago
I hope i get a key aswell so excited !! YAAAY

jahnylus 10 years ago
I will a key pls

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Stacy 10 years ago
I usually don't like Perfect World games but this one looks like it might be pretty good. :) I might have to try it. Though it looks like by the time it comes out I'll be deeply submerged in Guild Wars 2. On the plus side, if it ends up being a really good game I'm sure by the time I get bored with GW2 they'll have all the bugs worked out and things running smoothly.

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Bluthunda 10 years ago
i want a key so bad i've been waiting for this game since i seen it on the PWE page while i was still playing FW a long time ago

hukbalahap 10 years ago
please let me get the key! i love mmo!

surice17 10 years ago
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss finaly

Shadowrush 10 years ago
This game looks so good i just hope it wont be a disappointment, then again most of the perfect world games are good.

simonkirby123 10 years ago
Beta key

Loxa 10 years ago
this game looks too good! cant w8 to play :)

Tenshino177 10 years ago

nvrsbr 10 years ago
Would love to try this one out, been following it for quite some time.

sasa23 10 years ago
can 1 key for me? on email

PurpleSurfBoard 10 years ago
I would love to have a key and play this MMOARPG! So key please! X3

HenryHung 10 years ago
i need keyyy!!!!!!!! i have new way to build my cleric

iRule 10 years ago
C'mon Magicman do your magic and hand out the keyz!

RecLast 10 years ago
İ Need key ^^

randomdudethatwanttoplayraiderz 10 years ago
When will the keys be available?

Frosty 10 years ago
I need a Key!!!!!!!

Echoman 10 years ago
Awesome news, good luck bros.

popx94x 10 years ago
OMG I whish i get an beta key!!!!!!!! MY life would be complete!

shadowz48 10 years ago
can't wait for this game!! need beta kay naow D:

VampireMax 10 years ago
Need one need one NEED ONE XD

raccoonlord 10 years ago
I'v been waiting a while to get into this beta and now I have my chance :D

Relaxy 10 years ago
i want the key because they key is mine!

ZaneLear 10 years ago
Wow alot of people turned out for this, well let's hope everyone on this page manages to get a key and if not then who ever manages to get into the closed beta is lucky.

Tiago Uzumaki 10 years ago
MMObomb team, magicman, please I really want to play RaiderZ!!!
beta key for me please!!!

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cyberzone 10 years ago
Hope i get the key :) this game look's very awesome played black light. alot so can't wait to play this :D thanks in advance!

okoice 10 years ago
I join too then

Key key key, I want the key :O

Avien1988 10 years ago
i hope i get a key! ;)

igor 10 years ago
please please give betakey, the best mmo action rpg is raider Z

vagosgta3 10 years ago
a key for me too :)

Gameman91 10 years ago
this looks amazing. so far my pc hasnt let me down. i really want to try this just to see can my pc can run it. but other than that, i really want to play this lol

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ali akyıldız 10 years ago
i want key

Dante 10 years ago
hope i'll get a key to play this awesome game ^^

StyL3sX 10 years ago
KEY KEY KEY KEY .. waiting for key:X

David 10 years ago
Waiting for a key!I want to play this game :3

jacob 10 years ago
finaly i have beem waiting for ever

leo 10 years ago
omg! i want to try this so bad!

viktor 10 years ago
Waiting for the key

Marinkovich 10 years ago
Anyway on facebook i cant find informaton how to get key! where is information?

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kio 10 years ago
i would like a key 2 plz

Marinkovich 10 years ago
Give me beta key PLEASE!!!

Name (Required) 10 years ago
WOOOW its finally out, can't wait to play this game. Please give me key, i waited for this for so long, please let me play. thanks you.

ali 10 years ago
cooooooool freaken game can't wait to get beta key

fryses 10 years ago
Beta-Key pleaaaaaaaaaaase !

Zanak 10 years ago
When the Key :V

drakths 10 years ago
This game is the new generation of mmorpg I have seen some videos
For this game I did not see like this game You can do in this game Amazing things

vermion 10 years ago
the keys will be gone so fast lol

Wintersend 10 years ago
Key would be nice. looks interesting

Srdjan 10 years ago
I would like to test this wonderfull game. Hope i will get the key. Just keep up guys!

PsyMike3d 10 years ago
key please!!! i love this game!!!

Skyzza 10 years ago
Cant't wait to try out this game. I want the key ;)

Pirosporos 10 years ago
I rly want a beta key! I'm gonna play the s*it out of this game! XD

Panda 10 years ago
god i want a key so bad =).

DutchDude 10 years ago
This game is sick, i hope i get a beta key so damn bad. whole vacation no-life session!

EcKNatZZ 10 years ago
Ohh man that looks awesome!!!I fckn want one of the Keys D:

DeniMK 10 years ago
i really like to get key too ;) good luck to you all

socola 10 years ago
ok so where ar they key's lol?

s3xylapinou 10 years ago
One month and we can play beta :D

jonathansty 10 years ago
I really want to play this game. I've been waiting for a while now. And how longer i wait, how more the game seems to get better and better.

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LuthexColbark 10 years ago
Looks good, hopefully this will bring back the memories of traditional mmo tactics.
Mage heals the warrior, warrior makes and takes the most damage, while rogue backstabs or hinders the beast with poisoned arrows. Unlike tactics nowadays, oh wait there aren't any tactics. D:
Oh well cant wait ti try it out looks good

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Rene 10 years ago
On the wait for the key. This game will for sure change forever the mmorpg world.

Snowwww 10 years ago
OMG!! i hope i get a key ._.

drakths 10 years ago
1st wow i love this game soooooooooo cooooooooooool ; ) and f 2 p fk u (World of Warcraft )

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