In this second Dev Diary, Perfect World Entertainment highlight how RaiderZ is all about having choices. You can combine a mix of fighting styles and equipment in order to survive even the most difficult encounters.

You are not limited to base archetypes like Defender, Berserker, Cleric or Sorcerer, but are encouraged to experiment to find the right combination that works for you.


  1. I like this game god game to stick to for a long time still waiting for it though but still knowing they are just completing thing but the alpha players get no recognition ;w;

    • how can it be beta when its not even out in beta yet ๐Ÿ˜› and the reason why you think its boring cause almost no one is playing it atm cause it hasnt been released in closed beta

  2. man i wish they would just release it already like i want to play so bad like when it launches its going to take a whole army of navy seals on angel dust to get me off RAIDERZ

  3. i cant wait for this game and this class thing macks me what to play it more:)
    but i think its going to be payotwin:(
    anyway i what to play this game in open bate!!!!


  4. I like the game from what I’m seeing BUT this is PERFECT WORLD, so I don’t hold much hope that the cash shop won’t be loaded with things you NEED TO BE ON TOP.


    • Well, i had to respond to you on this.

      Perfect World may be the one running this, But Maiet still owns it and has a say in what can and can’t be done.I love PWE games and if you have played them all you will have an idea by comparing all the items to see what are put into all the game’s. ( Chat, I already know, unless your face to face or in a party, your paying for that,Exp,Clothing,Mounts).

      If your really worried about the Item Mall, Join a PVE realm ! ( Than you won’t need the cash shop, Just skills and Time !

      But now with Maiet game’s.

      since 2002 they have only had Aceaga&Gunz

      Gunz – Was thier biggest and most unique game for its time and still in todays standards.
      With that said, Item mall affected no one. If you had no skill and spent lots of mony on Item Mall items. A player that spent nothing could still own you with a basic built char.

      I have been a fan of thier since 2003, Always wondering if they were going to make anything new. 10 years later we are so close to seeing.What Maiet can do with a mmorpg.

      From the first look Magicman did,And how the combat system is implyed,This won’t let me down.

      And like Every PWE game, I will use thier item mall,Just to support Maiet!


      • Agreed ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love PWE games… I play most of it (Jade, Forsaken, BLight, EtherSaga, and Rusty hearts) and enjoy all of them and Raiderz I believe will be another one I will love…

        @Kawaiido you should check out TQ games… and see how the cash shop compares to PWE games…

        Good day… can’t wait for OB!!!

      • The use of a cash shop and what goes in it is completely at the discretion of PWE, as with every other game they publish regardless of the developer.

        • I know that,I was just stating that Maeit has done a rather well job in the past of players not needing any cash shop items.
          PWE Can’t alter the game to make you have to use the item mall!

          If your a pvp’r and want some weapon with +10 or armor +10
          All the power to those player,Myself strictly pve Don’t really care about those items at all.

    • I just wanna remind u that even though u need cs items to be on top most of PWE games (PWI, Forsaken World, Ether Saga etc…) have an in-game system where u can exchange the in -game money for cs money so with a little more time spent its not impossible to catch up to the real csing players


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