Is it like “raiders” or like “raider z”? I’ve heard both, and I was never quite sure. After August 7, I won’t really need to care any more.

That’s the date that Perfect World Entertainment will shut down RaiderZ in North America — it was shut down in Europe two years ago — and it’s for a rather odd reason. According to the shutdown notice letter:

“In the past, we have been working with MAIET, the developer of RaiderZ, in order to troubleshoot and solve issues to keep the game available for the players. Unfortunately, MAIET is no longer operating anymore.

Since there’s no more active developer, it’s very difficult to troubleshoot any issues that happen to RaiderZ. We’re unable to deliver a quality experience to you, our players, so we’ve made the difficult decision to shut down RaiderZ.”

To be honest, I’m impressed that they can keep the game going for any length of time now that there’s no actual developer.

Any RaiderZ purchases made from May 7 on will be refunded to players’ Arc accounts, letting them use those funds to spend in any PWE games, and all players have been granted 1,000 in-game currency and all items have been discounted to one Zen. What a deal! Everything must go!

RaiderZ is one of those games that I’ve always been aware of but never knew anyone who played it. Did you play it? What did you think?

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  1. It had a very good concept on the game mechanics, but failed in anything else: The monster spawn rate was sometimes utterly bad, when you had to kill a boss to get the main quest item, where a whole party was needed to take it down, the boss was on the main map, so only one at a time servervide and only the one got the item, who dealt the final blow… The second is the unimaginably unbalance between classes: it’s ok, that classes can be miced up late game, but c’mon the guardian and the berserker used a tiny pool of stamina, depleting istantly and hard to refill, everything for no dmg out, while the priest and the sorcerer bathed in mana and raped everyone with ranged attacks, healed to full in an instant. And for the most fun: the ranged characters owned every pvp fight because several reasons: the had just as many health than the meele ones, they were as fast, as the meele ones, their attacks were often quick cast, homing and knockup or shieldbreaker while the meele was about precision aim and timing. For example, I describe me defeate as a guardian against a sorcerer: heavy ammont of stamina is lost on blocking attacks and can not be regenerated in block stance and only starts a few secs after exiting blocks. Sorcerer: if I don’t block quickcasted homing lightbolts, resulting in shitload of damage and debuff, if I block, shieldbreaking fireball with knockup, also homing, if I use my 1 minute cooldown special block amplifier, which lasts for 5-7 sec, I get an area targeted meteor bomb behind my back, knocking me over again. It really was a ‘fun’ game. With good ideas it had, brought me an incredible ammount of disappointment.
    PS: about the monsters: bring 3 sorcer and 1 priest to fight everything, physical classes were worthless and massive spell and health spam could bring down any enemy from afar, you didn’t even had to care about dodging the attacks, which could be a very good system, if it is not about this utter disgusting unbalance.

  2. raiderz definitely had a great combat system. I really just preferred it over Tera. Ultimately i forget why I stopped playing tbh. Maybe it was lack of end game progression which tera most likely did a better job at.

  3. RaiderZ is one of the great mmorpg i’ve played. Is like Tera but i like the action combat more then TERA as well as graphics tho is almost the same. Playing raider Z makes me feel abit like playing monster hunter. Cuz every boss have its own weak point to hit and so on. Class system was fair enough and community was ok. But the thing that stop me playing was the armor crafting which jus change it colors for a better gear. No new looking armor or weapon as u level up. 2nd thing that let the game down was content. There’s no new content when u level up. Ended up just dungeon and craft , dungeon and craft and repeat. It was such a waste the game really have potential mechanic to be one of the top notch mmorpg out there. I hope they’ll use the same game to develop into something new and better.

    • Oh and btw .. there’s nothing ANIME about it .. just because it looks abit asian doesn’t mean is an anime

  4. It probably should be mentioned (and I’m not entirely sure why this article doesn’t). In order to receive the free currency you’ll need to have logged into the game within the past 30 days.

  5. So sad to read so many childish comments and angry ones. Angry for no reason. People likes to see things black or white. To hate something or to love something else often just because someone else told them to hate or to love or because the crowd say this is good and that is bad. They don’t just think that the more games exist the more players exist and the more choice we have to play. To have lot games can just be a good thing because peple can choose, can select, can play what they like. Few games mean you have actually accept what they give to you. I prefer to have a wide choice.
    I played RaiderZ and it was a nice game. Not the best for action MMORPGs but neither the worst ever. I played Tera too and Tera has something better than RaiderZ but nevertheless RaiderZ has (had) something better. Combat system in RaiderZ was fun and really dynamic, you can meet bosses starting since low levels and mobs was well calibrated, not too easy neither too hard to kill. Story was nice, graphic was nice, not the most modern nor the worst ever. Monster hunting was fun. It was a good open world too. So after all was a decent game. And surely it is lot less “anime” than other games like Tera in example (I love anime though). So why all that hate? I think we should just be sorry another game is gone narrowing or possibilities to chose in freedom.

  6. I play this in open beta and the oficial launch and was awesome (I reach the max lvl in both), i really love the game because give me so much fun with friends and i can make new friends too, Rest in Peace RaiderZ like RustyHearts two awesome games for me, haters gonna hate!

  7. raiderZ is the only non tab target MMO that got it right .
    games like tera , blade and soul and all the rest screwed it up big time as far as combat goes and for this reason tab target is the future despite what people say about it being old fashioned .

    • I think you are smoking crack lol

      RaiderZ was HORRIBLE this game was made to try and steal teras popularity and had some of the worst combat in an mmo ive ever seen

      Vindictus, Mortal online, Darkfall Online, Darkfall Unholy Wars, Tera, Black desert and so on are all 100% better then FAILERZ

  8. Played it when it first came out loved it. Then the dupers and hackers came and made it pointless. Then there was the issue of a low level cap with almost nothing to do after you get your gear but pvp. The hackers and glitchers would come in and one hit you/the mobs you were killing to help the pvp. So we moved to TERA.

  9. Meh. Last time I played the game, it was fun for a while, the combat was nice, but the questing was really repetitive, it had a nasty case of PWI cash shop disorder, and if I remember correctly a pretty bad gold spammer infestation. I’m a little sad to see it go, but really if you liked this game you might as well have switched over to TERA ages ago, if only because of the EU shut down; other versions an MMORPG shutting down is never a good sign. RIP.

  10. It was one of the best game ever, the gameplay mechanics was just amazing, as of today there is no other game that plays like RaiderZ. I never cared for the quests, graphics, levels and etc, I loved the game because of how you can control your character. The blocking, dodging & attack was just perfect.

    The combat system was unique and I’m sad to see it go, there is no alternative.

    • I was excited for RaiderZ before I discovered TERA. Both were available at around the same time. Played RaiderZ then played TERA and TERA was much more superior. The wait for RaiderZ was too long and had very disappointing game-play.

      • the crack u smoke must be good if you think tera was superior lol sure tera gfx are superior no doubt but tera’s horrible combat means its gfx dnt mean anything

  11. The game had so much potential which is why im really upset about this…

    I always knew something was fishy when the first ever community manager of raiderz disappeared without saying good bye to everyone.

    perfect world is a bad company anyway. and tera was always better.

    • Oh well.. just play TERA, since it’s everything raiderz was and more.

      PWE is indeed bad, but they aren’t the reason it was shut down. Maiet themselves closed up shop.

    • tera had a better system of making real world $$ then raiderZ but tera’s combat sucks and there for tera sux period .

    • What did anime ever do to you to deserve that HATE!… you can dislike it, but no reason to hate it.. oh also.. pretty sure most people here LIKE! anime so fk you.

    • I hate facebook, but I’m not wishing for it to shut down. I dislike shallow people like you, but I don’t want you to die. Do you see the analogy?

    • dooood. Stop hating yourself so much. You NEED amines in your life. Without it, your body will not be able to produce the necessary proteins to keep you going and allow you to play shitty games. So please eat more amines. I would suggest steak, pork chops, lamb chops and other delicious meat products. But seriously, amines are the shit yo.


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