We don’t usually report on games that are temporarily free-to-play (Should we? Let us know!), but with the upcoming holiday week in America, several high-profile AAA games are opening the doors to the general public for a limited time. Time to give thanks for all the free games!

Rainbow Six Siege (Nov. 15-18): Ubisoft’s high-powered team-based shooter is free this weekend and discounted up to 70%, depending on which package you buy and which platform — PC (UPlay or Steam), Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 — you play on. (Source)

Overwatch (Nov. 20-26): For the first time, Blizzard is handing out an entire free week of Overwatch on all three platforms (PC, Xbox, and PS4), and if you buy when your trial is complete, you’ll get to keep your progress. (Source)

Star Citizen (Nov. 23-Dec. 1): Not to be outdone, Star Citizen’s also going free for a full week. Every ship in the game will be available, with a rotating roster every 24 hours. (Source)

That should satisfy anyone looking for something free to play over the next couple of weeks. In fact, you could start playing R6S now, take the 19th off, and then jump into Overwatch, and just as that’s ending, try your hand at Star Citizen. That’s nearly two full weeks of free premium AAA games — not bad if you’re looking for something new and shiny to try out.


  1. Haha they know the population are in trashes and now they will keep pushing free for limited time hoping you can get a hook by them.


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