Offense and defense in the world of war is constantly evolving. Someone made a better set of armor? Let’s create a new weapon or ammunition type that works well against it. This leads to new armor development (again) and the cycle continues on forever.’s Armored Warfare tries to capture that evolution in not only how their tanks are outfitted armor wise, but also on the ammo front.

The free to play tank warfare game has released a dev diary that walks you through the various ammo types you can expect to see in game and the benefits (and challenges) of using each ammo type in actual combat. It’s an interesting video in my opinion. I am a history buff, but I’ll admit my desire to learn more about the past hasn’t extended to the world of tank combat so I know very little about the evolution of tank warfare. To me, aim and fire is the name of the game, but as the dev team goes through it all in the video, I found myself learning a bit along the way.

Check out the video and head on over to Armored Warfare’s site to sign up for beta.

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  1. My hype meter was about 10. Then I heard every time you die you go back to the lobby. Just like WoT. I hate WoT because of this and I will probably now hate this game as well.

    War Thunder> All

    • Enjoy your dying game. They’re killing War Thunder one patch at a time. Oh and btw, they’re two completely different games. Armored Warfare is similar to WoT its focusing on unrealistic combat. Plus, its still in alpha. Plenty of room to improve. Hopefully they wont destroy their game like Gaijin is.

    • WoT is all about elimination. Thunder is same, but they want you to cash more by slots. If you like air mode, you use 5/6 slots for planes and 1 slot for tank, like WoT. That way you build 1 tank strong and dont waste time/resources on others. In planes, same. You have 1 that is you baby, the rest use for ramming. So 6 slots: 4 troll ram planes, 1 plane serious and 1 tank serious. You cant ram/troll as hard in tanks so having more will demand more farming or cash… In the end, its actually worse. And patches making it worse. Play Star Conflict. Pwns all them


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