Aeria Games revealed that its hotly anticipated action strategy title Realm of the Titans will begin Closed Beta testing on July 27, 2011. Realm of the Titans (RotT) delivers thrilling PvP gameplay inspired by a popular Warcraft 3 custom mod called Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Die-hard DotA fans helped grow the niche sub-genre into a specialized cache of titles, referred to as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games. ROTT blends the competitive essence of DotA / MOBA games with a few inspired twists designed to keep novices and veterans alike on their toes.

Realm of the Titans’ features:

  • Created by DotA Pros – Designed by dedicated DotA fans, RotT brings back such popular DotA tactics as “deny” yet sizzles with new features, including flying mounts and epic Titan skills.
  • Intense PvP Action – RotT’s matchmaking is meticulously formulated to create balanced, edge-of-your-seat 5v5 matches. An added bonus, the bot system ensures teams are never down a player if someone quits.
  • Epic Heroes & Skills – Choose from an all-new roster of ferocious heroes. Every hero is equipped with 3 basic skills and an Ultimate. Once in-game, further boost your hero with a selection of Titan skills. Titan skills automatically level up every 10 minutes and can be switched during the game to keep the action coming.
  • Loaded with Content – Take advantage of a ton of game features, including two map options, the AMP system, Titan skills, and a helpful ‘Recommended Items’ shop feature.

Interested players can still sign up to participate in closed beta test at the Realm of the Titans website:


    • The Game is Dota inspired, and Moba so no reasons to say Dota is better and stuff, thats why it is inspired by it. Just talk about this game, The game is very nice , good special titan skills. The mount system is quite funny and there are many heroes, they have skins to. 3 words This Is Awesome

  1. @Gabriexus I think the reasons they are making bad Comments of Wow isn’t because they feel insecurity by the fact they don’t pay for the games, it’s because it’s true, at least to themselves. Trust me, most people who make bad comments about WoW, Most likely played it. (as did I) But this is all based solely on opinion, so should have no need to defend WoW, it just sucks in our opinion.

  2. First off: could you guys just stop arguing like little kids? If someone thinks WoW is the best mmorpg let them, if anyone thinks his other f2p/p2p game is better let him. It’s all opinion based and you’re being ignorant if you try to push your opinion into other people’s heads by force, you can argue like human beings yet you guys are just being dicks to each other. That only leads to more hating.

    Anyway I have to say that I am really suspicious about this game. Mainly because I don’t think it’ll be as good as League of Legends (which I play since it came out of closed beta) or Heros of Newerth. But I’ll definitely check it out either way.
    Kind of afraid it’ll be like Avalon heroes though *shudders*.

  3. I’m definitely trying this game out. The part where it says “Created by DotA Pros” already reeled me in so theres no reason not to try this out XD.

  4. why do they keep making these?
    League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth…. LOCO (except it’s third-person) and I’m sure there are many more.
    Do we really need another DotA clone?

    • They make them because people PLAY them. Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends have a higher userbase than most of your shitty f2p MMOs

      • “your shitty f2p MMOs”
        I don’t personally own or promote any F2P mmo’s.

        I realise how popular LoL is, I really do. Most of my friends play it in fact.
        I’m just saying that there are enough reskins of DotA out there for everyone to be satisfied already. Why make another. Seems like a wasted effort, does it not? They seem to have their grounds covered with LoL and HoN. HoN being for the more hardcore DotA crowd and LoL for the people discovering DotA.
        I don’t see what there is for anyone to gain by making another one, unles I am missing something.

        • LOL Caters the Casual crowd and promotes innovation in the genre.
          HON Caters to the more serious, but doesn’t promote much innovation (Yes, they do FINALLY release new heroes weekly/bi-weekly, but it’s not enough to say they’re innovative.)

          LOCO provides a unique aspect to the genre by adding similar style gameplay to arcade-style fighting. More innovation

          DOTA 2 will stick to the roots, unlike any of the predecessors of the ‘new dota’ theme.

          Every new DOTA reskin brings something new and innovative to the genre. And that is why we need more of them. More games doing something new. I haven’t played this game yet, but if they’re smart they’ll offer more innovation or something unique that will push the MOBA genre forward.

          So no, it’s not a wasted effort, unless you wish to see the MOBA genre die, or you dislike innovation in video games (Which is the reason we have new shooters, new RPGs, etc. Innovation.)

          • Maybe you’re right.
            I’m probably not giving it proper perspective.
            So far it’s just been announced and I really don’t know what it is bringing to the table.
            They COULD potentially make something more interesting and fun than what’s already been presented.
            As long as it’s not just a clone and actually progresses this game-type I will likely be more than happy with it.
            I just hope they aren’t trying to cash in on what’s popular by flooding the market.

  5. WORLD OF WARCRAFT IS A OUTDATED GAME!!! free mmos are much better than that game. and they getting better and better. Why pay for a stupid game whhen there are so many free ones that are 100 times better than shitcraft

    • Lol, dude, all free2play MMOs arfe totally shit compared to World of Warcraft, you’re just frustrated ’cause you can’t pay to play the game, and you’re trying to make yourself feel better by thinking you have acces to better stuff, stuff that is free. But you don’t, and you know free MMOs are shit.

      Your comment is a lie, and you know that.

      • @gabriexus- seriously, im sorry comments like that are what make WoW players look like complete idiots, because i can pay for wow, i currently do, but i know ppl who will pull more money into F2P games because they cannot stand the WoW upkeep and well the WoW name….

        @Matt- You have to remember, WoW just like alot of other old school online games (ie UO, lineage2 etc) keep their ranking because of content, not graphics…World of Warcraft has actually updated alot of their UI’s since WotLk and now Cataclysm has made huge updates.

        As for the extent of the games out there, everyone must realize, despite the cost to play games, that games are based upon personal taste, the ability to recreate with slight change the abilities of one game that may cost for those who cannot pay on a game that is F2P. Games come and go, depending on how fast they go or how long they stay depends on the popularity of the game…World of Warcraft is a very popular game, as is many f2p games and p2p games…it is all personal taste and ability of playing the game.

      • @Vilser Lol, dude, he was talking about Warcraft III. But for your knowledge, there is NO MMORPG that beats World of Warcraft, I used to think that the game is overrated too.. Until I played it and I realized that WoW cand spit on any other pay2play or free2play MMORPG out there. Rift is good, but not better, and the new Star Wars MMO everyone is waiting for seems like crap from the few gameplay footage I’ve seen, and it’s surely going to be a dissappoinntment. NO GAME BEATS WOW AT THE MOMENT. WORD.

        @Zenyth I don’t know what to say about your comment… While it is true that Warcraft III will always be the father of all MOBA games, and that it’s an excellent game, I still think that League of Legends is nicer than the original DoTA. The persistent world elements ( Runes, Masteries, Summoner Levels ), the sharp control ( no seriously, I’ve played DoTA, but I couldn’t come back to it after a week of LoL, the controls in DoTA are just bad, because the game is old, and it’s just a MAP ), and even the better graphics with the casual ar style, make League of Legends a better game. Not to mention the frequent updates which add new contend as well as fix and balance the old champions. LoL is the king of MOBAs at the moment, but it is true that Warcraft III and it’s DoTA map will aways be their father, and a great game to play.

        Now, enough off-topic, about Realm of the Titans, I think it’s just a cheap Asian knockoff of LoL. But with only 20 heroes or so ( I checked out the heroes on Omeka Prime ), and a very hideous character design ( characters look alot worst than their counter-parts from the original DoTA which is 11 years-old ) and terrible graphics and animation. I don’t even know why they make these games anymore.

        • @Gabriexus Ah right lol, my bad, thought he meant WoW but again, there are games already beating WoW its just a matter of opinion,I’m not saying WoW is bad just that there are better games than it.FYI I’ve been a WoW player for more than a year and found better mmos than it already and many others do.

          Back to topic – i personally think the art style is not bad though in RotT, it kind of give a different feel but its not that bad(or worse). The Titan skills seems really interesting though.Probably their way of spicing it up, i dunno but its definitely worth a shot.


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