Epic Games has added a sweet ride to Fortnite Battle Royale. Well, it’s a ride anyway. The shopping cart… basket? I dunno in some places in the South they call them baskarts. Anyway… They seem to function pretty much as you’d expect based on the video. One person rides in the cart and the other person pushes and gets on the back. Or, you know, you can go solo. Just push and hop on.

The shopping cart is part of the v4.3 update, which also includes the addition of UI elements for those players who would like to track their in-match challenge progress. As always, patch notes are available on the game site.

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  1. If they are putting in shopping carts they may as well have some plastic rubbish set around the map where if you pick it up you get a bonus of some kind if you collect a certain amount and another good thing was that epic give 1 cent for every piece collected to a environment clean-up program of this plastic pest we are so used to throwing away.
    Now that would be a more positive approach to the game. which would also bring awareness of this major problem Plastic.


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