Redfall Covers Some Great Topics In Latest Q&A Including Solo Play Concerns, Day Night Cycle, And Difficulty Scaling

Solo vs multiplayer, day vs evening, and more.

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Redfall May Release

Arkane Studios has released their latest Q&A on Redfall and in it they answer several questions we've all been asking, especially when it comes to solo vs. multiplayer aspects.

First, they clarified how heroes will play solo when they seem to have so many synergies with other heroes. The team says that each hero was designed with solo in mind first, then came back and added the synergies with others. Playing with friends adds more options, but each hero has a fully realized set of options on their own.

They were also asked about difficulty scaling between group and solo play and said that the difficulty scales dynamically depending on if you are running solo or how many are in your group. They say it isn't a flat multiplier either, as they look at how far along you are in the campaign and other factors to determine dynamic difficulty levels for enemies and events.

The day/night cycle may find you fighting different kinds of enemies, but the game will progress the same regardless of the sun's position in the sky.

Cosmetic customization options will be available to earn from play, with everything other than the preorder stuff coming from in-game activities and achievements.

And for those wondering, yes you can play with your Steam friends on Game Pass.

You can check out the full Q&A for Redfall here.

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