As The Repopulation rolls through its various testing stages and into launch, players can expect several server wipes on the horizon — ranging from partial wipes that only impact certain game systems to (possibly) full-on wipes that take everything with them. It’s never an enjoyable experience for players when these wipes happen, but as the developers point out it is a necessary evil.

Recently, the dev team has been receiving questions from players about server wipes — when and if they’ll happen and what they’ll affect. To answer this, the team dropped a post on the game’s site detailing the purpose of server wipes — noting that players can indeed expect a number of wipes, including one that will allow them to “start fresh” when the game officially launches. The post outlines plans for both the current server and an unnamed launch server.

Since the current server is effectively a test server, players can expect wipes to specific systems prior to launch. The thing players should be aware of here is that this server will eventually become the PTS server. It’s not intended to be the live game server. The unnamed live server, on the other hand, is not planned to have any wipes.

There is good news here for players who are backing the game, however. Players who have received perks or made purchases during beta will eventually have the items tied to their account. So, wipes (or the eventual move to the live server) should not result in a loss of those items. Note that I say “eventual” because the developers state the account association feature has not been developed just yet.

So, basically, it’s a bit of good news and bad news here. Yes. You’ll have to suffer through the wipes if you’re playing in the testing periods but you shouldn’t have to worry about losing anything you’ve paid for in the process.

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