Talk about a slow burn. The Repopulation has been a topic on this site and our podcast for years now. Surprisingly, we know only a little more about the game now than we did back then. That’s all about to change though as Above and Beyond Technologies has officially moved The Repopulation to Steam’s Early Access.

The Early Access cost is currently $33.99 (on sale until December 29th, normal cost is $39.99) and will also grant purchasers the chance to buy a lifetime membership once the game launches. Plan on that fee being about the same price as a normal box cost.

While The Repopulation will be free to play, a tiered membership is also planned to be revealed in full soon.

If you’ve been looking for the next “Star Wars: Galaxies” type game, The Repopulation might be the closest you’ll be coming in a long time. With a more sandbox, “play the way you want to play” attitude, Above and Beyond is trying to allow players to literally only take part in the type of content they enjoy playing.

The launch of Early Access also means that there will be no more character wipes (unless a change in the game requires one) planned and the Non Disclosure Agreement is no longer in effect. This means we’ll probably start seeing quite a bit more about the title soon, so stay tuned.

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Man this looks really cool (the concept that is) – but it looks a bit dated and the cheesy video music and narrator doesn’t help.

    I have a feeling I’d be really into the gameplay, but it’d be a turn off to most people and thus won’t get off the ground

  2. “sigh” I hope this isn’t another early acces bait like Archeage>.>.Pay them money and then middle finger.I wonder how many people will still buy the early acces “and the cicle continues”.

  3. in its current state most wont want to play it anyways. it has some bugs, it gets choppy at times depending on the state of the server. it isn’t finished plain and simple.

    if you like sandbox games with a strong pvp aspect this may be the game for you. if you want a theme park that holds your hand with safety zones then don’t bother, you wont like it.

    ive nothing that is pay to win. its all convenience and cosmetic and the devs have stated many times that’s all they will offer.

    so many haters in the gaming community these days. the worst part of gaming these days is the community. “omgwtfbbqsauce!? it cost money!?? gtfo!?”. don’t want to pay right now? then don’t, its probably not worth the price if you aren’t doing it to support the devs anyway.

      • Right? lol
        Repop is awesome…I did research (like looked into GAMEPLAY and read all the info on site, and looked at player comments and dev remarks on steam) and couldn’t RESIST Repop…I got it and it’s amazing even in it’s early stage…I hate the bit of optimization/polish issues atm (ALPHA) cause I want to play the game so much, lol.

        • Yea, the gameplay concepts look great – I love sandbox-i-ness and ability make your own fun, which are things you really can’t do in any MMO RPG.

          I just hope the underlying systems offer depth, and they really need to polish this up, the preview made everything look a bit cheesy & clunky

    • From the sounds of it, it will be like star wars the old republic. Limit you to basic functions of the game to give you a taste in order to see if you want to buy the life time sub.

      • The fact that it’s not in the Star Wars universe kind of makes it boring to me. Since SW is such a vast universe, it’s a shame that SWTOR feels nothing like it and this game may have a novel concept, but I think it will fail.

      • That’s wrong Vyral…they’ve “built the game to be F2P” the “memberships” just add bonuses like more inventory or character slots, a “Repop token” you redeem for an item of your choice (sort of like some game’s pre-order options) etc.


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