The Repopulation Overhauls Combat in Today's Patch

Still following the saga of The Repopulation? Soon, you might be able to stop talking about it and start playing it — again.

In a forum post last week, site admin TR-Riley answered a question from a user who was asking about alpha being re-opened for backers:

“Once the transfers are complete, we’re still going to have the usual spin-up time and make sure that there isn’t any data/bit-rot, making sure that everything is working correctly, etc. So as of this post it should be about 2 weeks after the transfers.”

That surely comes as good news to players, who’ve been taken on quite the roller-coaster ride. The Repopulation was shut down following a rather nasty spat between original developer Above & Beyond and Idea Fabrik, makers of the Hero Engine, which the game used. Then, late last year, we learned that Idea Fabrik had purchased the rights to the game, with an eye toward bringing it back online in early 2017.

That still seems to be the plan, though it might be tough to garner the same level of enthusiasm after being gone for over a year. Are you still looking forward to The Repopulation?


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