TOKIKK, an arena-FPS game in the style of the shooters of the 90s and early 2000s, can now be played on Steam for free. Reakktor Studios have decided to make a free edition of the game available to players — which they state “comes with the full core experience” while having “no competitive disadvantages” to the full game.

Reakktor is also adamant that TOXIKK’s free edition is not “some micro-transaction fueled F2P crap.” That’s not to say that the $15 full version doesn’t have perks over the free version — especially if you’re someone who’d like access to things like character customization, custom servers, level editors, and all off the maps, vehicles and more. A breakdown of the differences between the two versions of the game can be seen below.


The TOXIKK free edition can be obtained now via Steam and played indefinitely. Those looking for the full experience with more maps and the like will have to pony up the cash — eventually.

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  1. I dont know why would anybody bother with any arena shooter paid or free when there is Unreal tournament which is completely free and cant get any better in terms of arena shooter.

  2. They overplayed the “F2P is a scam, developers are lowest life form” card so much that I don’t care what kind of gameplay they have. It could be the best thing ever, I still can’t support their attempt at using toxicity and hate as a marketing tool. Can’t support their hypocrisy either. Won’t even approach a community of “gamers” that do support all that.

    • Unfortunately now it is not only F2P is a scam, all games are scam. Now first they release the game as buy to play or as early access and then later on they switch it to free to play.
      The whole industry now is nothing but a scam.

      developers and publishers really are the lowest life form


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