Those who have been waiting for a peek at Revelation Online’s six classes are in luck. and NetEase have dropped a video highlighting all of them.

Although only a minute long, the video offers a glimpse of the Gunslinger (firearm based ranged damage), Blademaster (secondary tank and close combat), Vanguard (melee combat tank), Swordmage (ranged caster damage), Occultist (ranged damage and off healing), and Spiritshaper (summoners and healers). Unfortunately, no release date has been given yet, but players can sign up for the beta via the official website.

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  1. I wonder when will they launch it already.
    The game isn’t freshly made is it?
    I want to try the healer class in there, so tired from dps-whoring in every bloody mmo out there.

    • pretty sure it will be end of this year as for the game its been out for around 1 year maybe 2 in china
      its a nice game and best part is its optimized well

      only concern for me is that it might be heavly p2w like in china

    • Its closed beta is scheduled to start this fall. Let’s just cross our fingers it doesn’t become a major disappointment like Black Desert was.


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