A new intrepid adventure titled Mind of Madness launched in RIFT today. The adventure sends players on a quest that spans from the Plane of Water to beyond the cosmos in pursuit of Lord Arak. During this journey, players will face a variety of evil deities and nightmares, including Pagura the destroyer of dreams.

As with all adventures, players can expect a variety of rewards for their participation. The greatest rewards will be new equipment featuring the style of many of those found in Mind of Madness.

More information on the adventure is available on the RIFT site.

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  1. Cool more lock box rewards that you need keys for
    but you don’t “NEED” to get the keys you can just buy them with credits in game
    and yet buying in game currency would be so much better if it was like gw2 i don’t want to spend 3000p i grind for on one rex yet gold farmers probably find its the best way to do it

    • That’s the oddest, funniest (albeit confusing) saying I’ve heard today.

      May I ask, as someone who has never played Rift, why it’s bad? The whole adventures of casual players sorta got me interested in ti.

      • i played it, had almost all classes untill i got left there alone. cross server search and was waiting 5 hour to join even with mentor level checked. no live humans in open world… so game is like patient who survived fall from 15th floor. they just need to shut down it…


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