I can’t tell if I’m just really bored or just like killing flaming squirrels, because the latest news to come out of the Rift camp almost has me wanting to hop into the game for a while. It seems some of the smaller critters we’ve all been used to hunting over the last several years in the game have become giant killing machines. Right now, that means there is a giant squirrel and a giant spider running around getting revenge for all the smaller brethren of theirs we’ve wiped out over the years.

The Rift team dropped the most recent set of patch notes on the game’s forums, highlighting the latest raid world bosses Eki’i (the spider) and Alisich (the squirrel). These bosses require summoning, and there’s only one way to do it — kill a lot of their little friends. Once players have killed enough of them, the big guys will appear and fight for revenge over the next 45 minutes. If the players in question can’t take them down during that time, the bosses will return to wherever they came from. So… if you’re planning on fighting these two, you’ll want to bring some friends along.

As with most raid bosses, there are plenty of rewards to be had, including a new currency because what is Rift without more currencies?. It’s also worth noting that these two apparently won’t be the only small critters to get the supersized boss treatment. Although, what’s up next hasn’t been revealed.

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