rift multicore

Trion is preparing to launch Multicore support for the free-to-play MMORPG RIFT and they’re looking for beta testers. As of now, players can participate in the beta test process by opening the settings menu in game and going to the Advanced Video section. There they will find a checkbox labeled “Experimental Multicore.”


Since this feature is in beta testing, Trion is looking for input from the players. They’ve provided a survey on the forums for you to fill out after you’ve tried multicore out. There is also an area on the Public Test Shard sub forum where players can offer more general impressions.

Full details on the new feature and how to participate in the beta are available on the RIFT site.

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  1. Haters are the funniest and best thing I read in comments. They really live their empty sad lifes just to look for news and post some trashy useless childish hate in their comments. Never something creative, useful or even just needed.
    “after month of playing can count on one hands fingers how many real people i saw there” <– so you are one of those who still play the game for "month of playing"? LOL. Nice when someone spits on the plate where he eats. Just losers unable to play a game. Ridiculous.

    • i tried to play rift 5 times after long breaks and i just could not get into it i played it for like a week each time

  2. Rift is a good MMORPG to be honest,i really liked the whole concept,the deep talent system,the graphics but somehow Trion couldnt make it better…Or people just tend to try out all these new MMO’s and then they go back to World of Warcraft (like me). Its sad that this game couldnt succeed.

  3. Dead game, boring single player gaem with chat, quest markers still broken, u need to invest more time in googling quests then playing, all the time u alone , after month of playing can count on one hands fingers how many real people i saw there, TRION U SUCK with ur shi tty other fake free to play games


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