Ring of Elysium‘s new update is now live, bringing with it a new map, Europa, an island paradise threatened by a volcanic eruption and new modes of transport, including a BMX bike and six vehicles. Seeing as how the first RoE map was a ski resort-ish area that was wiped out by a blizzard, one thing is for certain: Don’t ever accept a vacation package from Tencent’s travel agency.

As with RoE’s first map, you’ll be able to choose one of three initial loadouts, one each containing a glider, BMX bike, or grappling hook. From there, it’s murderous fun in the sun, unless the dynamic weather system brings thunderstorms, and eventually you’ll have volcanic ash to deal with. Two new light machine guns, the MG4 (airdrop only) and the PKM, are also to be found in this tropical paradise.

Also offered in this patch is the Season Two Adventurer Pass, which lasts for 10 weeks and lets you earn additional gear as your Adventurer Tier ranks up. There are actually two parts to it: a free tier and a paid tier (for about $10). You can also earn additional rewards through weekly quests, as usual. To learn all about the new map and new season, check out the patch notes on the RoE Steam page.

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