As Legends of Runeterra continues to plow its way through open beta, changes will be made. And a lot of them were made today with Patch 0.9.0, which provides multiple balance updates, including buffs to a pair of popular champions.

Lux gets a simple stat boost, upping her level one and level two versions by +1/+1 each, while Yasuo’s a bit easier to level up, now that he only requires five stuns or recalls instead of six. On the flip side, several followers and spells got nerfed, typically with an increase to their cost, though a few got slight buffs, like Scuttlegeist gaining the Fearsome keyword.

Speaking of Fearsome, it gets an entry all by itself in the patch notes. Since it prevents blocking, that can make for non-interactive gameplay and Riot’s going to be “keeping an eye on those units and their supporting cards.” Control strategies are something they’ll also be monitoring. Both of these elements exhibit CCG Design 101: If you give players a chance to play without interacting with their opponent, they will do so.

Expeditions, and the rewards for them, have also been tweaked, and if you’re looking for more technical options, you now have three FPS options on PC and the deckbuilder UI has seen some improvements, as well. To see the complete list of changes in Patch 0.9.0, head over to the Legends of Runeterra site.

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