Riot Games Teams Up With Crown Channel For A Valorant-Themed Digital Festival


If you’ve been looking for something to do on January 15, it seems Riot Games may have you sorted — especially if you’re a Valorant fan. The company announced a partnership with the Amazon-owned Crown Channel, a Twitch-based entertainment and gaming channel, earlier today. The two companies are working together on wwFest: Valorant, a digital music and art festival inspired by the tactical shooter game.

At present, the primary details about the event are how things will work and no sites are up. But we do know it will take place on January 15, 2021 and will feature an exhibition space inspired by the in-game world of Valorant as well as musical performances from artists like ARMNHMR, Moore Kismet, Ookay, and Whipped Cream.

The idea behind the event is to give players the feel of an in-person festival that they can enjoy from home, all facilitated with the latest in drone technology. Not only will there be live musical performances, but fans can check out active art installations as well — all via the drone tech and from the perspective of five Valorant agents: Raze, Reyna, Phoenix, Killjoy, and Jeff. Players can use the drones associated with each of these agents to curate their own experience.

In addition, a main feed will be available on Crown Channel’s twitch stream. More details will be available as the event gets closer with information being promised via the Valorant and Crown Channel social media.


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