If you’ve ever played a match of League of Legends you’ve likely already found out that the community can be…well let’s just say “less than friendly” sometimes. Personally I know this all too well but we’ll just say I deserve most of the comments directed at me for being terrible at the game.

Riot has managed to make some strides towards an improved community over the last year though. We’ve seen the banning of some pretty high profile players and the implementation of a few new tools to help weed out toxic behavior. Has it been enough though?

Looking at a recent post from the team at Riot seems to indicate that they are very happy with their progress, but aren’t quite finished yet.

According to Riot, “As of 11/13/2014, 95% of active players in 2014 have never received a punishment of any kind. The vast majority of you have not received chat restrictions, ranked restrictions, game bans or permanent bans this year!”

Now, I don’t exactly agree with the assertion that a 5% punishment rate is equal to 5% of the community being a bit toxic (that’s a bit like saying out of everyone selling illegal drugs 5% have been sentenced to jail time therefore the other 95% are totally upstanding citizens) but I guess it’s a push in the right direction for a game that certainly needed a push.

As the 2014 season comes to a close, players on the up-and-up will be receiving a 4-win IP boost. Riot has also added an enhanced version of the LeaveBuster system to the PBE to tackle other community concerns

Since 5% means you’ll likely come across a bad apple every 2 games, have the strides forward been enough for you? Let me know below!

Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. In other news the tobacco industry has announced that their products are not as harmful as consumers have believed them to have been and are now becoming more healthy.

  2. After having been banned by Riot Games for not picking in the META for 14 days aswell as receiving continuous abuse in those games for it, I think Riot are just throwing out bans on the wrong people in the hopes it stops others, I have chat logs to prove that too, but according to their “community reports manager or whatever he calls himself”, its well within their rights to ban people for not playing the META because its griefing the other team and that those who are spamming abuse at you are right to do so as long as they don’t do it throughout many games themselves.

    it’s ridiculous, Riot are useless when it comes to ACTUAL griefers. That’s probably the ONLY reason why they say it’s cleaned up.

  3. I have to agree. I’ve been really lucky in my LoL experience in that out of the nearly 300 ranked and unranked games I’ve played, only 4 had trolls on my team or the enemy team, and about 20 had rude or easily agitated players who fought with each other. Over the past few months I rarely see an unfriendly player. 🙂

  4. well it has improved(at least in the NA Region i play)by a lot since last year although half of the time i personally played with real life friends

  5. the community is improving because u dont have a tribunal in OCE server to ban all the toxic trolls. It’s the worst server ever but i have to put up with it for now. Please bring out a tribunal system for OCE.

  6. There is a risk to give permanent ban to toxic players. As you see, there are some players who donate on LoL like hell (i have some friends). If they will get permanent ban, Riot must found other solution, or the respective player will lose his mind…. (i see that happens with hackers on other games, isn’t a funny thing, it’s more seriously then it looks)

    • I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to ban someone who’s unpleasant to people he plays with, however much he pays. It does not matter how much more tax you pay then others, if you murder someone you’re going to jail for it.

      From Riot’s perspective it’s actually worth it: if someone gets banned there is a chance that they’ll make another account and spend money on that one as well. Legally they’re completely safe, the EULA (mainly the “players only rent the accounts from Riot” stuff) protects them from anything people could accuse them of.

      • @Padsoldier I cant see how you can compare murder with bad behavior. If someone has donated/payed more than someone who’s playing Free TO Play only then that person paying should have a say in him/her getting perma banned.

        • As long as they violated the rules of the game then they deserve to get banned no matter how much they paid to the game, spending real cash on the game is optional Riot never forced them to spend it in the first place they can play for free if they wanted to, so yea they do have the right to ban them for bad behaviour

        • That’s a slipper slope my friend and would only lead to more problems. I.e. pay2ban, pay2troll, etc.

          Treating f2p players as second rate citizens is not viable, the whole point of the system is to coax them into spending money.


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