It’s time to take on the role of the most important person in any fantasy adventure — the shop keeper selling all the weapons, potions, and gear that keep adventurers from dying in their grand quest to… do whatever it is they’re doing at the time. Today, developer Kabam launches the new simulation RPG Shop Titans, where players build and manage their own fantasy shop, on Steam.

The game, which features an extensive crafting system, offers more of the shopkeeper experience than just trading items to adventurers for coins. Players will be able to build out their store just how they want it, maintain their inventory — hence the crafting, and even negotiate prices with potential customers. Shop Titans even allows players to assemble a team of customizable heroes that hunt down crafting materials for the store.

Of course, there are also several online features that players will want to jump into, such as joining a guild in order to build a city or compete in events. And, as should be the case with any shop-focused RPG, there’s also a world-wide market to take part in to really stock up on that gold.

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