What’s been going on in the free to play MMORPG Runes of Magic up until now? For two years players have been wandering the lands of Taborea. Millions of characters have been created, thousands of quests have been completed, and scores of professions have been learnt. Reason enough to take a look at the statistics. Which profession is the most popular? Which pet are players clamouring after? Our statistics have the answer.

In the past two years, 6,667,370 characters have been created. Of which 2.2 million are mages, nearly 650,000 are rogues, and just as many warriors. An especially popular class combo in the dual class system is the priest/mage combination. There are clear favourites in the choice of secondary classes as well: with 350,000 players, the priest is the secondary class of choice, while the warrior has won over around 150,000 players. Out of all these players, 3,3 million have chosen herbalism as their farming profession, whereas the crafting profession, Alchemy, has attracted 1.1 million players. To keep them entertained along the way, more than 100,000 players have chosen the Rune Pet as their favourite in-game companion.

But what would a true MMORPG be without instances and bosses? This is where the Demon Lord comes into the picture. He’s been taken down 4,521 times. But there are also many other fearsome bosses to conquer such as maxim Erekat III, the endboss of the Dungeon of Dalanis, who has been defeated almost three times as often as the Demon Lord. Bringing down Raksha has also proved to be a tricky assignment, until now, he’s only been vanquished 182 times on the games highest difficulty setting.

The English speaking servers have seen the biggest bloodbath of all. A total of 3,505,269 quests have been completed, 4,622 guilds have been created, and wait for it, 36,681,098 monsters have been slain by Anglo speaking warriors everywhere.  And still the monsters come back for more.

For more information on Runes of Magic, visit the official website: www.runesofmagic.com


  1. The Game once WAS Good, but atm it is an undergoing Game, many people leave this game, because there are bugs that exists more than a year (know one of 2 years), bad balancing between the classes, critical errors, bad support and many mistakes more, Frogster dont hear on his paying players and not more on his f2p players.
    I’ve played since CB and put many money in the game (I know, nothing must pay for the game, i will see you how you passed the endcontontent without money) but paused the game now 2 months, last chance – chapterIV, if nothing fundamental changes, then it’s over for me playing RoM.
    It gives enough other MMOPRG.
    Now let see how long lives my post here 🙂

  2. Very nice. I’m interested in seeing future statistics as well. Afterall this is a fairly young game and already it’s booming with activity. Let’s watch it grow into a very successful adult! (hopefully)


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