Runescape Darkscape

Who says you can’t teach an old MMO new tricks? Not Jagex, who’s just gone live with DarkScape, which the company describes as

an experimental sandbox MMO where open-world PvP and ruthless trade wars are the name of the day

DarkScape features always-on PvP with full corpse-looting, where the most valuable items are found in the most far-flung parts of the map. The DarkScape world is divided into low, medium, and high-risk areas, each with its own economy, banking, and teleportation rules. Best of all, the “game within a game” is totally free-to-play, with RuneScape members earning 50% more XP, having additional bank space, and keeping one extra item upon death.

It’s an interesting twist, and a new way to breathe life into an old MMORPG. And it’s a survival-style game that doesn’t feature zombies, so that’s something. Does DarkScape sound like something you’d be interested in?

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  1. Open PvP games draw in the scum of the internet, much like 4chan. Watching trolls pawn eachother is not particularly appealing. The only way to make an mmo worse would be to add permadeath, meaning there’d be no point in investing in your character & no one would live long enough to learn the lore.

  2. I actually dig this, I mean I typically when playing darkscape just walk out with one item thats automatically kept on death no matter if skulled or not and go kill people lol kinda reminds of the old bounty hunter +1 worlds back in the good days. Plus to say something to Gamesux, the game doesn’t suck considering its been out for 14 years, and has retained its player base and the game is moving forward with a new client that will be dropping Java and be picking up c++ to support there new upcoming game engine for the game.


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