RuneScape is welcoming back its first post-lockout players today. After what Jagex described as “a March that few of us will ever forget,” the first wave of “Returned” will get back into the game today at 12:00 p.m. game time, having already received an email inviting them to do so. The initial numbers will be small, “to build confidence in the restoration method”; a second wave will be invited back into the game tomorrow.

While the team has “done our best to minimise inconsistencies,” there might still be some issues with the returning accounts. Notably, bank and inventory space will likely be jumbled, Invention Perks may have been reverted to an earlier state, and some farm animals might be missing. That, and a few other lesser issues, are all that are known now, but the team is anticipating more. Jagex has set up an account restoration aftercare page to provide services for anyone experiencing issues.

As described in last week’s video and post, the compensation for impacted players will be significant, consisting of titles, permanent items, and consumables, to be handed out starting April 6. Future waves of players will be admitted into the game over the coming weeks until everyone can get back into the game.

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